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At its core, the brand was born out of a shared desire to raise awareness about complex societal and environmental issues. By merging their passion for art and self-expression, the founders embarked on a journey of creating visionary worlds through intermittent and simultaneous painting sessions. 

Gradually, they realized that their art could serve as a powerful tool for activism, as each painting shed light on important topics such as the Anthropocene, Social Inequalities, and the significance of education. This realization led them to create Capsules, where art and purpose converged to articulate their vision for bringing about change. They named this endeavour: META VOCUS.

After three years, the founders established a London-based fashion brand that actively participates in the slow fashion movement. The brand takes pride in offering garment designs that draw inspiration from their original artworks and the versatile styling option of their collections. The primary objective is to encourage people to make conscious choices by wearing these artistic collections, thereby supporting the causes they represent. Their wearable, colourful art collection aims to empower consumers to wear meaningful pieces of clothing that symbolize hope and positivity while standing in solidarity with current issues and causes.

At present, their first scarf collection showcases eco-satin, a sustainable blend comprising 65% eco-Vero and 35% silk, reflecting their dedication to eco-consciousness. The brand is now venturing into exciting new collections, delving into diverse sustainable materials, and experimenting with creatively designed pieces. Looking ahead, their ultimate ambition is to lead the way as pioneers in adopting circular business practices, cementing their commitment to sustainability for the long term.



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