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Mayuko Daimon

Mayuko Daimon studied haute couture techniques in New York and began her career as a costume designer in 2014. She has designed and sewn numerous costumes for movies, TV dramas, music video and stage productions. Currently, she is not only a costume designer, but also an actress, art director, video director, magazine and product designer, and a photographer.

Also, she continues to present her work as an artist. She presents the stories and world views of her dresses in her photographic works.

She has acquired solid techniques and design skills, and aims to be active not only in Japan but also in the world.

The theme of this collection is "MUSE;UM".

It is a story of a blue butterfly's journey through the world of the sea and the oriental lands. Should the butterfly evolve with the environment and the times in order to survive? You are invited to witness the end of its evolution.

Designer envisions that the "sea" that fascinates her and "Asia" where birthplace.

Original fabrics have been developed. The designer has spent 10 years researching and succeeded in creating a work of art.

The designer's unique imagination is expressed through a special technique that can only be processed in Japan. The works are avant-garde and free-thinking in conception while utilizing traditional haute couture techniques.

Expect a colorful, aesthetic and mysterious world.



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