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Maxime Edward

Maxime, a Belgian fashion designer born in the Philippines, grew up in the picturesque town of Aubel, nestled among the hills of the Liège region. From a young age, he was drawn to various forms of creative expression. His early fascination with cinema and stop-motion animation sparked a deep appreciation for the magic of storytelling through moving images.

His passion for classical music led him to play instruments such as the piano and violin, nurturing his sensitivity to harmonious beauty. These diverse artistic influences found their culmination in his love for drawing, which played a pivotal role in his decision to pursue fashion as a means of artistic expression.

Since his teenage years, Maxime had the idea of merging his adopted first name with his original name to create his brand, Maxime Edward. This concept symbolized his personal journey of self-discovery as a creator. Each garment he designs carries the essence of this connection between his past, present, and creative future.

Maxime continued his academic journey at the Francisco Ferrer High School in Brussels, where he graduated with a focus on fashion design and pattern-making, primarily in women's fashion. During this time, he had enriching internship experiences with couture houses in Paris and Belgium, honing his skills and gaining insights into the industry.

Beyond women's fashion, Maxime expanded his creative scope by designing pieces for men, showcasing his versatility as a designer. The artistic philosophy of "Maxime Edward" is characterized by a fusion of sophistication and classicism, infused with elements of sportiness, urban modernity, rustic timelessness, and even theatrical and futuristic inspirations.

His creations feature structured cuts that exude dynamism while striking a delicate balance between understated elegance and whimsical allure. In addition to custom-made orders from his Brussels-based studio, Maxime presents his collections at events held in the Belgian capital and has showcased his work at Fashion Weeks in Vancouver and Tunisia, sharing his unique fashion vision with an international audience.



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