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Mathilde Covelli

Mathilde Covelli epitomizes the innovative and conscientious spirit of Mahaud Paris. Her education at the Institut Français de la Mode equipped her with a deep understanding of the ecological and social challenges facing the fashion industry. Motivated by her passion and determination, she decided to embody her values through the founding of Mahaud Paris.

Launching the brand in June 2021, Mathilde underscores her dedication to sustainability and fashion innovation. By repurposing unsold socks and tights into high-end, distinctive garments, she provides a responsible alternative to traditional fashion practices.

Her career and vision symbolize the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs who are mindful of their environmental and societal impact. Mathilde Covelli and Mahaud Paris demonstrate that it is feasible to harmonize style, quality, and environmental stewardship, offering pieces that enchant with their originality and commitment.



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