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Luis Corrales

Luis Corrales

Luis Corrales, better known as Manolo, is the emergent head designer of NOLO Mx Brand based in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. With a basis in graphic and interior design, he started his career as a fashion designer in 2017 while in his late twenties after finding in fashion design his true passion. 

He started designing custom pieces for local professional actors, dancers, and musicians from the urban scene, as well as designing for universities’ theatre and dance programs in and near Hermosillo, Sonora.  He discovered his love for fashion after visiting New York, NY and being inspired by the culture of absolute freedom of expression in the New York streetwear scene. Here he witnessed fashion used as a medium to reveal one’s true self, and convey intimate ideas. Through fashion he found an art form through which he could express himself in ways he always knew he wanted to. 

Manolo returned to Sonora, Mexico with a hunger to learn everything there is to know about high fashion design. Soon, he began making and wearing his own clothing which often elicited questions like “Where did you get that?” from friends, family, and strangers. A month after Luis made his first piece he was producing for local buyers and collaborating with national artists.  In December 2017, NOLO became a brand design.  

The first appearances of NOLO design in an international fashion event was in July of 2018 at INTERMODA, an international showcase of fashion in Mexico, and again at 2019. Then came an invitation to present at New York Fashion Week in February of 2020, where NOLO attended its first professional fashion show as an emergent designer presenting its Mexicanolo Collection. NOLO collaborated with the New York Based Sprayground brand in the same week.  NOLO’s online store is coming soon.



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