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Luis Corrales

I am incredibly proud to be a Mexican streetwear fashion designer. I understand that my origins do not limit where I can go. While Mexico is recognized for many things, I want it to be known for its fashion as well. My dream is to have the opportunity to create pieces for everyone, regardless of gender. My creations have the power to liberate, and I want people to feel good when they wear NOLO.

Many individuals have already embraced our brand, and it has become something they can't live without. I aspire to reach even more people and share my vision. Being able to create is a gift, and transforming something into a garment that makes people feel well-dressed is a responsibility I am fully committed to. I am grateful for this gift every day. It all began with a personal need, but now it has grown into something much larger than myself. I want to be there for this generation and the ones to come, because they represent the future. This journey is bigger than me, and I feel compelled to share it with the world.



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