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Julio Moranchel

Julio Moranchel, a professional architect and fashion designer by calling, is the owner and designer of the brand MORANCHEL, founded in 2010 in Guerrero, Mexico.

During his career as an architect, he designed clothing for himself and his friends. It was upon completing his studies that he presented his fashion proposal on a runway in his hometown, and it was there that he decided to start what is now the MORANCHEL brand.

Always inspired by the youthfulness of 20th-century women and with a particular taste for symmetry, MORANCHEL is a brand specializing in haute couture dresses, where the most important thing is to create the best dress for each woman. His designs have been worn by Mexican celebrities and have been showcased in museums and various fashion exhibitions throughout Mexico.

For the first time, he is presenting in Paris at "Paris Fashion Week," debuting his first ready-to-wear collection called "LOLITA," named after Nabokov's love novel. The collection is inspired by the woman who likes to highlight her flirtatious and sensual side, with a playful touch. It's a multicolored collection, built upon the textures and decorations of Mexican crafts, and filled with countless details, weavings, embroideries in silk, lace, leather, and Mexican looms. The weaving was done in collaboration with the Amuzgo indigenous people of Guerrero, from a region in the south of Mexico. The looms display iconic characteristics that symbolize the flora and fauna representative of SeiChué and Suljaa, namely, beautiful fields filled with multicolored flowers that convey joy, life, and the love of Mexican culture.



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