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Jessica Gould

MOURÉNNE is a luxury couture house for girls. It is the creative vision of Jessica Gould and her daughter, Giselle. From the beginning, the brand has aimed to be disruptive and different. MOURÉNNE is one of the few genuine couture houses for children. They aim to fill the gap in the market of children's fashion by providing opulence not typically seen.

While most luxury brands for girls use tulle as their main fabric, MOURÉNNE uses the highest quality silks. The threads are sourced from China and are dyed and woven to create exclusive colors and prints. The silk taffetas are accented with under-layers of either Swiss batiste, silk habotai, or silk twill. Each dress has at least one layer of French Tulle and is accented with Japanese velveteen ribbon and French or English laces. Every Austrian crystal, 14k gold bead, or freshwater pearl on MOURÉNNE dresses is sewn individually by hand with precision.

MOURÉNNE believes in creating quality that will last for generations and feels that fashion can be beautiful as well as responsible. They are committed to paying fair, living wages to each of their couture artisans. They painstakingly lay out each pattern piece to minimize fabric waste as much as possible and only use sustainable materials. Every piece is crafted with love and unique care that is not seen in mass production.

MOURÉNNE's debut collection, Chapter One, is all about bringing magic into the lives of girls. In a world where innocence is rare, MOURÉNNE strives to nourish the fleeting wonder of childhood and inspire the imagination of its treasured wearers. They believe that every girl deserves to have that special dress that takes her to "Once Upon a Time" in her land of fairytales.



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