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Jerry & Cynthia Hsieh

Founded in 2014, WooLeex excels at integrating paintings with fashion. Artists of WooLeex combine different cultures from around the world with Taiwans' traditional art, displaying them in the form of fabric cloth. Our works feature in VOGUE Taiwan magazine, FFDesign magazine, Jam Hsiao's Band Lion, Edward Hsiung in Golden Melody Awards, Mickey Huang in Golden Bell Awards, Andrew Chou's and Julia Wu's Music Videos, and Director Leading Lee in Taipei Film Festival to name just a few. Top designer Jerry Hsieh of WooLeeX has brought what he has experienced abroad throughout the years back to Taiwan to mix them with Taiwanese's Traditional cultures like embroidery braided tassels, dragon and lion dance, and historic figure Guan Yu, bringing you a unique experience. Jerry Hsieh is dedicated to becoming a trail-blazer in the fashion industry. He's willing to experiment different styles, doing what has never been done before. He continues to explore the infinite possibilities of fashion while never forgetting to strive for greatness.



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