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Jena Rebecca

Jena Rebecca, French fashion designer and founder of the ready-to-wear/couture brand LJR BE YOURSELF

She takes us on an adventure where style and values combine wonderfully. LJR BE YOURSELF, resonates like an anthem affirming the individuality of each person in their entirety.

The designer transmits a message: knowing your true identity and embracing your uniqueness for make it a strength. She show that through design and assertive cuts creations. She reveals to us a part of her tenacious and determined personality and her relational skills related to her other profession: nurse, oriented towards people, offering her singularity and her perception of the world in the service of others. She uses them through fashion now. For her, everyone has their place and must accomplish their life's mission. Her graphic collections in contrasting tones reflect her love for diversity and geometric shapes. An artistic universe with structured and bold lines, revealing his personality which is at once combative, enthusiastic and whole, all with a touch of humanism, an element dear to her.

His Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection, entitled "TOUCH THE SKY" immerses us in a universe with art- deco and futuristic notes where the sky has no limit, except the one we give it.



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