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Hachiro Iji

Hachiro Iji is a designer/modelist based in Japan. 1983 - He started his career as a staff at a men's shop in Osaka.

After working as a buyer, he learned design and pattern making while working as a designer at a men's fashion company. The reason he wanted to make his own clothes was simply because he couldn't find what he wanted.

1999 - Established "IJI unit" company.

2007 - Started the original main label "Jizi".

In addition to his own label, he has worked on pattern making and production for major brands and top select shops. Many fashion professionals visit his atelier to order their own personal orders for suits, jackets, coats and shirts.

His sources of inspiration and ideas come from textile fairs and vintage items in Italy, France, etc. For over 25 years, he has been researching seasonal textile fairs and local vintage shops and markets.



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