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Yukari Furuta worked as a designer for a major Japanese apparel company. Worked as an assistant to Mr Maruyama at the world-famous collection brand KEITA MARUYAMA.

After working as an assistant to Mr Maruyama she became an independent designer.

She also worked on custom-made bridal dresses and stage costume, as well as for the Japanese popular singer Yumi Matsutoya and other famous artists.

In 2017,she started furuta pre-collection and Full-fledged debut from 2017 AW.

She draws up embroidery designs herself and can handle everything from patterns to hand embroidery.

"Dress for everyday" is the concept behind the development of clothing that resonates with all feminine qualities.

The brand uses beautiful Japanese embroidery techniques to express organic beings such as flowers and creatures that coexist in our precious everyday life, offering designs and details that are in line with women's inseparable part of life.


古田由佳利は、株式会社ワールドにデザイナーとして就職後、KEITA MARUYAMAで丸山氏のアシスタントを経て独立。






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