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Eduardo Ramos

Born and raised in the vibrant setting of Mexico City, by an  entrepreneurship driven family. Through travelling, Eduardo constantly  found himself drawn to artistic movements that made him want to  explore his creative nature. Resulting in his relocation to Vancouver,  Canada in order to pursue his Fashion Design Diploma.

During the progression of his studies, he was selected among his  program to debut his work at the Spring Summer Vancouver Fashion  Week Show of 2019. Where he presented his first ever collection 'Aqua' drawing inspiration from the natural habitat found in underwater ecosystems. He accomplished this by representing his garments through  unique silhouettes, vibrant colours, and hand painted details. 

After his successful introduction to the local Fashion Design scene in  2019, he joined the Fall Winter Vancouver Fashion Week of 2022 to  present his second collection: ‘Bravia’. Driven by the empowerment of  women in their own skin. With gold motifs, and defined tailoring details,  he created a collection that portrayed the modern strong femininity at its  best. Inspired by his forever muse, his mother. Bravia attained  international recognition, and got featured on Vogue Korea bringing  exposure to Eduardo's practice.

Consequently to his involvement at the Fashion Week in Vancouver,  Eduardo Ramos has participated on several independent commission  projects, through key partnerships such as with the Vancouver Club . It  is with excitement and constant dedication that he will be presenting his  newest collection ‘Motus’ at the Spring Summer 23 Paris Fashion Week  this Fall. The collection is set to revolve around the beauty of organic  movements in the garments, and it is meant to evoke a feeling of to the  viewer. Through highly curated fabrics and their organic movements  Eduardo mixes tailoring with softness to convey the power behind motion.



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