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Cielo Inzunza

More commonly known as Cielo Inzunza, she is a Mexican entrepreneur, historian, and fashion designer who founded her own fashion house in 2007. A true fashion enthusiast, she also pursued a master's degree in history, focusing on the history of fashion.

Married with three children, she describes herself as a driven, creative woman. Her brand is known for crafting romantic dresses in pastel colors, adorned with lace, flowers, tulle, and more. These are often worn by Mexican teenagers for their debutante presentations. Her bridal and evening gowns are slightly bolder, designed to accentuate the female silhouette with various cuts and textures while maintaining an elegant style, featuring subtle necklines and soft tones.

Currently, her company aims to establish itself abroad, with the goal of showcasing her designs on international platforms, all while exuding a true fashionista spirit.



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