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Founder of the online clothing brand ALSA SAMA, the fashion designer Emel was born and raised in Djibouti.

Her passion for Art and the process of making clothes manifested in her pre-adolescence.

Graduate in Arts from the American University (Temple University Japan Campus) based in Tokyo, she immediately put her skills into practice through a series of Art exhibitions, the most notable of which was the one held in Ginza, a famous district of Tokyo, with a very  special guest, Her Highness Princess Takamado.

From drawing to painting via sculpture, she explored the world of art in collaboration with Japanese enthusiasts and artists. She then jumped right back into her first love, making clothes from scratch..  Therefore she took a training program in pattern making at ESMOD JAPAN (Tokyo) that she would attend when off from work. As she was  fabric shopping for a sewing project in the popular district of Shinjuku, she is spotted by a local Japanese program "You wa nani shi ni nihon e" which consists of following the life of foreigners living in Japan for a day, which gave her visibility and therefore more opportunities.

The multifaceted artist quickly jumped on collaboration opportunities in Japan, one in particular which was an exceptional trampoline.. Her friendship with a Tokyo gallerist, Mizuka KUSABA, enabled her to organize an exhibition entitled "Fashion and Arts'', in collaboration with a well-known painter, OGINO Tsunahisa. The three friends went on by having the same show in Djibouti during the International Trade Fair which was a success. 

After launching her brand, she participated in Vancouver Fashion Week SS 2020 and Paris Fashion Week FW 2020. The latter platforms allowed media exposure (Jeune Afrique and Radio Canada) which highlighted her atypical journey towards the fashion world.

In November 2021, the African Globetrotter won the prize for the second designer at the West African fashion event  S.I.T.A (Salon International du Textile Africain).Trophy she takes with her as she settles in France in December 2021 for the next chapter of her evolution where she perseveres on creating a space where her brand could prosper internationally.



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