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Aline Arnoux

Aline is a Franco Cameroonian from Reunion Island. At 18 she started literature and law studies but didn’t feel passionate about it. She finally went for the profession of air hostess and obtained the certificate in 2012 in Paris. Her father got seriously ill at this time, she finally decided to go back to her island to support her parents. After 2 years of battling cancer, her father passed away. Her mother Jolie saw at the same time her business sinking, simply because she had stayed at her husband's bedside for 2 years. This business was Couleurs d’Afrique. When Jolie thought about selling the enterprise, Aline convinced her not to, so the two of them would find a solution. By chance, Aline had been designing clothes from an early age.

Why not create their own clothing brand? Aline opened the social networks of Couleurs d'Afrique and proposed her own designs. The public reacted so well that the mother and daughter travelled to Madagascar, Cameroon, Kenya and Ethiopia to build their sewing teams and develop their ready-to-wear brand. Aline then learned, on the job, management, marketing and communication with the support of her mother who had stability and experience.

Today the company is flourishing and is proud to be able to employ not only people from Reunion Island, but also Kenyans, Malagasy, Ethiopians and Cameroonians to whom it offers the opportunity for a better life. Aline and Jolie’s biggest dream is to have enough resources to be able to actively engage themselves in humanitarian work.



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