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Akira Yamada

COTO no ILOR SHIRT is a casual shirt brand from Kobe, Japan. Designer Akira Yamada

established the brand in 2011. The brand offers exclusive prêt-à-porter and made-to-order at its shop/atelier in Kobe, occasionally undertaking costumes for artists and movies.

Since its inception, COTO no ILOR SHIRT focuses on sustainability and craftsmanship.

COTO no ILOR SHIRT uses locally produced Banshu weave, a yarn-dyed fabric that has a

history of over 230 years. Many luxury brands recognize the quality of Banshu weave for its

craftsmanship and rich colors. Integrating precise cutting techniques with the reuse of

offcuts, the brand reduces the waste generated in the production process by more than 80%.

Yamada is a craftsman with a career spanning 20 years. Various fashion colleges have

recognized his shirt-making skills and invited him as a part-time lecturer. He performs the

entire shirt-making process from measurement to sewing. Every stitch is perfected with very

precise lines by his very own hands. Exquisite balance is created by sewing techniques that

cannot be replicated. “We cannot take more than 20 ordered shirts per month”, he said. In

the collection, the brand also showcases an exclusive “Giito fabric” line representing rich

craftsmanship featuring embroidery.



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