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Practicing my daughter and I ballet, I got also interested in creating ballet costumes on my own. This was my start. Last few years, I learned designing and launched my own Brand “Pied à Terre”. My motto and concept are not only keeping the traditions of ballet costumes, but also introducing contemporary ideas. To ensure ballet dancers comfort and confidence, I select high quality fabric and cloth. I sew beads, sequins, and stones one by one by hand. I study different cultures, traditions, historical backgrounds which enable to create outstanding costumes. This process gives me a bridge to develop deep thoughts into other worlds. Seeing a huge value in creating beautifully refined ballet costumes, I take my time, great care and put a lot of passion into my work. The audience also feel it and enjoy it visually while the dancers performing ballet in my costumes.

Currently, the costumes designed by me have not only remained within Japan but have also experienced tremendous growth by receiving production requests from renowned principals and ballet schools worldwide. These costumes have garnered numerous prestigious awards at ballet competitions, and I take great pride in how my delicate and innovative design techniques enhance the beauty of the artists on stage, adding depth and allure to their performances.

My designs are the crystallization of exceptional skill and passion, becoming an indispensable presence for ballet enthusiasts all around the world. Continuously pursuing challenges and growth, I always seek new inspirations, elevating the stage to a beautiful work of art.

By embracing the dazzling dancers on the world's stage, respecting their individuality, and pouring my passion into the pursuit of beauty, my designs have been highly regarded as a revolutionary presence in the ballet world. From here on, I will continue to embellish the stage with beauty and build a new realm of design.



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