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Mexican fashion brand with 6 years long experience in the haute couture industry created by Iván Gallegos and David Márquez.


Both designers graduated from De La Salle Bajío University in 2007 (located in León, Guanajuato, México) as Fashion Designers, were they successfully ended up having the opportunity to travel to San Mauro Pascoli to receive their awards after winning the first places at Centro Ricerca E Scuola Internazionale Calzaturiera (CERCAL).


Nowadays, they are the CEO of one of the most representative fashion brands in Mexico because of the details they print on each piece that is handmade, embroidered and sewed in the studio. Ianndey has broken the scheme of what fashion really means in Mexico and it has become a brand that reflects sensuality, elegance and versatility at the same time.

As businessmen, entrepreneurs and human beings, they´re always a step ahead looking forward to bringing the best for fashion in Mexico, their brand and their team.

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