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CEDIM The School of Design



Founded by Alejandro García Villarreal, @CEDIM - The School of Design, specialized in the field of arts, design, innovation and business in Mexico since 1978. Throughout these 43 years, a lot has happened. We have built, we have moved, we have added careers, we have received international awards and recognitions, but none of this is more important to us than the experience that all of these years of design has left us.

Being creative today is a tool that makes a difference in any field or discipline. Starting with design in several of its forms, at @CEDIM, we propose to enhance that creativity that we all carry within and that once discovered, has no limits.


Revel Souls 

It is the non-conformists who can change the world. We are entering an era where designers are moved by connections, local and global connections that are driven by deep values which are born above all from shared values and that cause designers to generate a stronger impact, thus creating inclusive and revolutionary democratic designs for their time and space.

Today designers have a nonconformist thinking that is favored by  the diverse and different perspectives and thoughts that are born from these connections and that favor extreme acceptance and self-love, generating fidelity to the identity of each one of the designers.

There is a very evident rebellion that goes against the status quo that aims to generate a change in the world.

Alessandra Garfias
Yellow Dress
Lorena de la Garza
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Valeria San Miguel



Karime Payan
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Norma Cota
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Katya Garza
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Paulina Villarreal Martinez